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Welcome to Hibbardweb

Here I will have links and items of interest, mostly to me, but maybe to you as well. I'm still teaching myself web design and it comes slowly depending on when I get around to it in between my other hobbies. You'll see quickly  what those hobbies are, but I will name them first off: PC Gaming, MMO's in particular for the last several years and RPG's almost always. I started waaay back when with the Eye Of the Beholder from SSI and haven't really stopped since.
My latest game is a late closed beta of the upcoming Warhammer Online. I can't say too much due to NDA agreements (Non-Disclosure Agreements) but I think it's going to be a fantastic game. I really hope it gets the community it deserves. The world it is built on is decades old and very well developed. More than any other MMO I've heard of.

Damaged Laptops
So, a while back a friend called me up and his laptop was broken, it wouldn't boot anymore. I'm an old-fart with more gray and less hair than I like to admit, and have run PC repair shops for going on 20 years. All he wanted was to see if I could get the data off of it, which I did, and in return I got the usual geek fee of pizza and beer. Plus I got the remains of the broken laptop. Which I used to put together with parts from another damaged laptop from another friend to make a working machine. Now, older laptops aren't worth a ton but I did sell it for a few bucks.

So here's the deal:
If you've got a laptop that is out of warranty and broken, send an email here: laptops@hibbardweb.com and let me know the model and some contact info and I'll get back to you.

If I think  I can use the parts, I'll try to recover your data as part of the service and probably get you some cash for your trouble. Having been around for a while I've got a few tricks for recovering that data, but it's not guaranteed. I don't have a million dollar clean room like those companies that charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for that sort of service.

If the unit is more than say 5 or 6 years old, it's probably not worth much at all, but I'll still try to recover your data in exchange for the unit. No promises.

One thing I've got to say up front: I am not a repair shop. If you're contacting me I assume you've already talked to a repair shop that told you it would be $200 or more to fix your 3 year old laptop which you could replace for $600 with something much faster. That's important, this is a side/hobby thing for me and if I was fixing it for you I would want the same $200 and I'm sure you would want it back a lot faster than "when I get around to it".

Your data will be cleaned off the laptop. We use a DOD 3-pass wipe process so you can be assured that you'll be safe. That' s after we've tried to recover any data you wanted from it of course.

Either way, it can't hurt to ask:
I will usually respond to all emails within 24-48 hours.

Buying damaged laptops:


Recover your data